About Aviation and Performance Parts Your CAA Approved Supplier #70688

Aviation and Performance is run by Lianne Bergin and her team, have been supplying the aviation community for many years. Supplying high quality parts on time and for a reasonable price.

We carry a number of items in stock so if you are looking for aircraft parts big or small we can supply what you need.

We understand that some customers might just need to buy one bolt for their hobby plane or a container load for a commercial service agent.

Our range of Aero parts are directly imported for you and we carry a large range in stock of Aviation Supplies of AN, MS, and NAS.

We ship all over the county including overseas to the island, being located conveniently in Albany, Auckland just off the Northern motorway. You can collect your parts or we can arrange shipping.

We have a NO MINIUM ORDER QUANITIY policy as we understand our customers sometimes only need a single part for their home build kit set plane.

With an increasing level of Aero parts being used for car parts we find that more and people are coming to us for car parts. With the aviation industry leading the way in development of engine performance parts we supply a large range of Performance Car Parts now.

If you are looking for high quality fittings for your race car give us a call on 09 476 0984 and we will do our best.

  • Aviation parts for Commercial
  • Aircraft parts for hobby or home builders of Microlights
  • Direct importer – large warehouse of stock held onsite for immediate despatch
  • Aviation Supplies of AN, MS, and NAS
  • Formerly called Aeroware now Aviation and Performance Parts
  • Certified parts and Non certified parts available for home builders
  • Full track and trace of serialised parts traced to comply with Aviation requirements
  • Cessna aircraft parts
  • Hardware, Instruments, Headsets and Intercoms, Aircraft Materials, Accessories, Aircraft Tooling