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SAF-AIR has taken its very dependable fuel drain valve and added a new feature – it locks in the open position. This valve makes the operation of the pre-flight check for contamination and water in the fuel system very easy. FAA & TSO-C76 APPROVED. Models 1250 & 1250H are popular choices to install on gascolators


  • Eight models in two styles with or without 1/4″ hose adapter
  • All valves can be rebuilt
  • New feature – it locks in the open position
  • Standard fuel resistant o-rings included
  • Push-to-test, or push-and-turn to lock open
  • Effortless operation with sure grip knob
  • Double-sealed to prevent leakage
  • A clean, no mess way to test and drain fuel

RANGE AVAILABLE:- 1250, 1250H, 2500, 2500H, 3750, 3750H, 4375

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